PoliteMail for Outlook Open and Read Time Tracking

“Did they even read the email?”

Beyond basic email open and click tracking, PoliteMail measures read-time and feedback.

Research shows employees' preferred channel for communications is email.

On the other hand, most everyone complains about email overload.

The key is understanding how to best utilize email, in conjunction with your intranet sites and meetings.

Instead of a mysterious black hole, email can be your most effective channel.

Isn't it time to take a more analytical approach to corporate communications?

Outlook Email Key Performance Metrics

Because everyone has an opinion, sometimes numbers speak louder than words. So why not put some solid numbers behind your communications efforts?

Use data to inform your decisions, and metrics to monitor results over time.

And why not do all of that, right within the email program you already use every day?

PoliteMail for Outlook enables internal communicators to measure and improve results.

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Know when your message is being read, or ignored.

Outlook email read tracking

Learn why open rate may be a misleading metric…

Collect one-click feedback to easily pulse check or poll your audience.

Surveys and polls for Outlook email

Ensure your Outlook email reads well on mobile devices.

Mobile Responsive Design for Outlook email

PoliteMail includes responsive email template tools for Outlook.

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