Put An End to Manual List Processing, and Gain Targeted Employee Communications

Broadcast personalized email to any Outlook or Exchange distribution group, or import & send to lists from HR or Excel.

Simply send to any Outlook or Exchange distribution group available in your Global Address book.

No import/export process required.

Send Personalized Email to Outlook Distribution Lists
Send personalized email to Outlook distribution lists

To address employees by name, use the PoliteMail Personalization feature instead of always sending a blind broadcast to all.

Why blast everyone again? Now send follow-up based upon recipient behavior, or lack thereof.

To help reduce email overload, use behavioral segmentation to send smarter follow-up messages.

Segment email lists by open, read or click behavior for follow-up without email overload

If you do need to send to a list from your HR System or Excel…

…it's easy to import any standard CSV file into a PoliteMail list.

Import and Send Personalized Email to Lists from HR or Excel
Outlook Distribution List Management Tools

Plus, automated list management functions like split, combine and export makes any list management work even easier.

If you want to provide subscription publications to employees, PoliteMail provides automated subscription management tools.

Outlook opt-in subscription management tools

Unlike email marketing tools, PoliteMail doesn't force an opt-out footer into your Outlook email.

If you want to provide opt-out functionality, simply enable it.

Enable automated Outlook opt-out function
Subscription management tools for Outlook

PoliteMail's automated subscribe and unsubscribe tools enable recipient's to manage their own subscription list participation.

Subscription opt-in forms may be enabled from within an email link, or on any of your intranet or web page.

Opt-in subscription list management tools for Outlook
Automatically Synchronize your HR employee data from SAP or PeopleSoft to your AD or Exchange

Need updated lists from your HR System?

The PoliteMail PeopleSync tool will automatically synchronize your employee data to keep your distribution lists up-to-date!

PeopleSync will vastly improve send processing speeds for large or heavily nested Exchange DL's.

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