Measure Internal Outlook Communications

Improve your internal communications

Communications is about results. Your role is to deliver messages which cause people to take action, to understand objectives, to change thinking and behavior.

Improving those results requires accurate measurements and insightful analytics.

Good communicators want to create impressive, effective internal communications programs and be able to show meaningful results to leadership… fortunately, this doesn't require learning any complex communications tools.

Simply send your Outlook email broadcasts…

PoliteMail provides meaningful metrics for any of your email communications programs. Create, send, track and measure your Outlook internal communications broadcasts, including corporate newsletters, executive and leadership messages, HR and benefits email, employee education and training, or any other communications program.

PoliteMail for Outlook Email Tracking

Simply activate PoliteMail for Outlook, and send From: any of your Outlook email addresses or shared mailboxes To: any Outlook, Exchange or Active Directory distribution group as you usually do, or import a list from your HR system or spreadsheet.

See results right In Outlook!

Measure results with powerful email metrics, including opens, read-time and click through rates plus valuable analytics to help you gain the insights you need to improve your communications.

PoliteMail Email Measurement and Metrics for Outlook

Simply send, track and measure any internal broadcast to employees and you will see results. Are people reading your corporate newsletters? Do they take the time to read the executive emails? When is the best time to send HR and benefits messages? Do the employee training and onboarding messages get people to the right resources? With PoliteMail, now you'll know.

Ready to get started?

Let's take the next step:

What's the difference between PoliteMail and other email tracking tools?

See Better Results with PoliteMail for Outlook!

Gain more accurate Outlook email open tracking, plus read-time metrics!

Because PoliteMail is configured into your Outlook and Exchange email environment, internal recipients will automatically see your content, and you will see an open—even if they just preview the message.

What's more, because PoliteMail is able to individually identify recipients, opens are not exaggerated every time one person opens the email multiple times.

With PoliteMail, internal recipients won't have to "Click to Download Pictures" in order to measure the open—yielding more accurate metrics.

If your recipients are seeing this, your open rates are not accurate!

Multiple tracking modes balance data accuracy & privacy compliance.

Compliant with the EU ePrivacy directive, HIPAA, Safe Harbor and other PII restrictions.

Because an open doesn't tell you if they read the content…

PoliteMail provides valuable read-time tracking.

Personalization capabilities allow you to address employees by name, even when you are broadcasting to a list.

Easily create Outlook compatible, mobile responsive pages…

Then share these branded, standardized templates with your team, without sending files around.

Now gain employee feedback more quickly than ever.

Using PoliteMail to conduct simple surveys and polls, right in Outlook.

Send to any global address book list without importing, or import a list from other data sources like Excel or your HR system.

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