What's the difference between PoliteMail® and email broadcast tools like Exact Target® and Lyris®?

Compare PoliteMail to ExactTarget Lyris or Eloqua

With PoliteMail, your corporate broadcast communications become as easy as Outlook!

Instead of struggling through the complexities of high powered broadcast tools every time you have a internal broadcast to send, PoliteMail will make your life easier and give you better results.

Because simple is better than complicated.

When a large retailer wants to market blue sweaters to all women who purchased a blue dress in the spring, an email power tool is required.

But such power and complexity is overkill for internal corporate communications.

With PoliteMail, you simply use Outlook to create, send and measure personalized email to employees.

Creating and sending email doesn't have to be such a process.

Why should an email message be a major construction project? Who knew you had to create both an HTML and text version of every email?

And if you have a message to get out in a hurry, well, find another way.

That other way is often Outlook, so with PoliteMail you get the ease and gain the measurement too!

Eliminate the backlogs and bottlenecks.

Complex tools require dedicated, trained personnel to operate, and with only a few people in your organziation who learn how do it, everything has to run through them.

Why struggle through this long work flow every time you have a message to send?

With PoliteMail, you and your team can do it yourself in Outlook, with ease!

No extra list management work required.

Your lists are already in your Outlook global address book, so why not just send to them?

Why have to go through the process of getting a file from IT, uploading and importing it, and keeping this up-to-date every time you send?

With PoliteMail, use any of your global address book lists, no importing required.

If you do need to pull lists from your HR system or a spreadsheet, PoliteMail can do that too.

Employees don't have to "click to download pictures" to see your message content.

Because PoliteMail keeps your email inside of Outlook and Exchange, your content downloads automatically for all internal recipients.

This means you gain a much more accurate open rate.

Secure, enterprise class software for Outlook & Exchange.

PoliteMail adds email marketing tools into your Outlook desktop, plus provides both a dedicated cloud-service solution, or an on-premise server software option.

PoliteMail has solutions to fit your IT data security requirements.

No per email fees

With enterprise level broadcast tools, you pay for the user license plus a pennies per email fee.

With PoliteMail, pricing is based upon your audience size, not your message volume.

A complex email broadcast tool has a place in marketing, but for internal communications I like the simplicity of using Outlook.

Faster, easier, cheaper—with no per-email fees…what's not to love?.

I never understood why it took so long to get a broadcast email out, now I don't have to worry about it - and last minute changes are no problem.
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